Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Hump Day!!

Good Morning!! Looks like it is going to be a gloomy day today. I think this might be the last of the leftovers in the refrigerator for me! I am so proud of myself for not wasting. I had some pumpkin left so I decided to have Pumpkin-Spiced Oatmeal with Hazelnuts. The liquid in the picture is Agave Nectar for sweetness. I have to admit I am not a huge fan of pumpkin but it was still a filling breakfast. I had thought about using the pumpkin to make muffins but my family is not much of muffin eaters which brings it done to one person to eat and I have difficulty just eating one so I passed on the idea. Don't think this recipe I would have on a regular basis but it would be nice to change it up once in awhile.

I was so proud of myself yesterday I buckled down and got some cleaning done. It felt so good!! I cleaned almost all the floors in the house except the wood floors and that I plan on doing today. Not sure why I put it off so long when it feels so good to know that they are clean.

No strength training today and with the weather gloomy haven't quite decided how I want to handle my cardio session today. I am thinking of heading over to the gym. I need to pick up some stuff from Costco and the gym is very close to it so I could get that done as well.

I don't know if I have told you I am reading a book called The Beck for Life Diet. I saw it at the library and I thought I would give it a look over. I am enjoying reading it and it has some stuff I am working on this week. One of the big things for me is eating sitting down and slowly and enjoy what I am eating. I am not sure if it was growing up in a house full of boys that I felt like I needed to eat quick to get my share or what but this is a big one for me. I have to very conscious of this. I am not going to skip this one because I think it is big for me. I think I am going to really master it before I move on to other areas of the book. The best part of the book is that you have to work on the "mind" stuff before they even want you looking at the diet and food stuff. I guess we tend to go right to the food stuff and pass this area but I think this is where all the really hard work lies. I would love to start up a group of girls that might want to work on the concepts in this book. Now just to bring up the subject to some to see what they think. I believe it would be a great thing to do as a group to explore this area of overeating.


CathyC said...

I read the book "Shrink Yourself:Break yourself from Emotional Eating" and it talks about the same principle you are referring to...change our pattern of thought and then the pattern of action (overeating food) will subside-because it does all start in the mind!! I always am looking for words of wisdom or advice. Thanks for sharing!
Cathy C

Linda said...

I am going to check out that book. I know my weight issues are emotional issues with food. Count me in if you start up a discussion!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

That sounds interesting! I recently read "Intuitive Eating" which also deals with the "mind" stuff and how the dieting mentality has basically ruined our instinctual ability to not overeat or strongly crave unhealthy foods. I liked the process in the book, but it involves abandoning calorie counting/dieting and just honoring your hunger. Whoa! Scar-y. I think it is the key to being "naturally thin" though. Just would be a lot of work "undoing" all the previous years of damage, ya know?

Thanks for sharing that book. I'll definitely check that out.