Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Afternoon!!

I wanted to get to this earlier but it has been a little crazy this morning but wanted to make sure I posted my eats for yesterday. Yesterday morning I was going to have egg to find out there was only two and I need one egg and two white for what I wanted to make. So I ended up having polenta with cherries, hazelnuts and agave nectar.
For lunch I had been eyeing this recipe for a while and I decided to give it a try. It so didn't not disappointed I really liked this one. I guess I was hesitating to try it because chick peas are not my favorite but I decided to cut them up smaller and that helps a lot. I will definitely be having this one again. It was nice because it make a nice big salad. It had spring mix green salad, 1/2 cucumber chopped, 1/2 cup chick peas, 1/2 ounce feta cheese, 2 TB fresh dill and vinaigrette dressing. It was topped with a whole wheat pita that was cup up and toasted. It was great!!

For dinner I had bought some cauliflower to try this recipe and just hadn't gotten around to it until today. It was Cauliflower Cashew Curry. I thought it was a nice combination of ingredient and nice in filling how I like it.

The recipe was cauliflower, peas, curry, raisins, crushed tomatoes, kidney beans and topped with green onion and cashews. It was nice satisfying dinner.
I have been really good the last few days with no snacking in the evening which is my down fall. I cut back the cardio a little and even gave my self a rest day on Sunday. These are all big steps for me since I have the all or nothing attitude. I has nice to see the weight coming down even with the cut back this just gives me reassurance that I do know what I am doing and I can control this. Weight was down to 147 this morning which I am thrilled with.
I was up early this morning it is so darn muggy outside thought it was going to rain so I got out and did my walk at 6:30 this morning. I have to tell you this because it is very exciting for me and some of you who don't know me well may not know this about me. About five years ago I slipped and fell on the ice and broke my patella (knee cap) I have had over five surgeries on it and of course it will never be the same. It is so much better than it was and I am truly grateful. I figure that I would never be able to run again and I had not planned on even attempting. But the other day when I was walking on the path I got this idea that I should try to run. And I did! It wasn't much but I was thrilled that I was able to do it. I am not sure what the odds of me being able to run long distances but I was thrilled none the less. So I have been doing a little interval running walking on my walk now. I only do the running on the path so know one sees me!! I can not express to you what a victory this is for me. It has been a long way in the making and I couldn't be happier.
I have had some good eats today and I am excited to posted about them tomorrow.


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Yay! I knew you could get back down to where you wanted :)

Great job on the run! I know how exciting that feels! I bet you'll catch the running bug now, but be careful with your knee!!!

Hugs to you for your wonderful supportive comments on my blog! It means so much :)

Debi said...

Again looks GREAT -- might have to try that salad! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

CathyC said...

Yum the cauliflower dish sounds so good-I love cooking (and eating)too!