Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feed Back

I received wonderful feed back from Tony and he couldn't be more proud of the progress I have made. We decided on a goal weight and I was glad to hear that we were both thinking around the same range. We decided between 140-145 and will continue watch the changes that my body makes.

I can not tell you how wonderful Tony he is and if you are a seriously thinking about changing your body he is the man. He has so much compassion and I have been truly change in the short time I have been working with him not only physically but mentally. I look forward to more to come as I continue to work with him.

I did my weekly weigh in yesterday and am now at 147.5 at home and 150.6 at the gym so that makes a total of 13.5 pounds in 8 weeks. Hard work and clean eating has truly paid off. Won't you join me? Let look fabulous for summer!

Speaking of summer I haven't even start to begin that I know that I will no clothes that will fit and that I have to do the dreaded clothes shopping anyone out there love to shop and want to do it for me? I know you think I would enjoy it but it isn't something I like to do.

I am thinking about doing some personal training again. It is something I truly enjoy and have missed it. A girlfriend of mine called and asked if I would train her so I start that Monday and am looking forward to kicking her butt! :) I also talked to a trainer at the gym that I workout at to see what I would have to do to possible be a trainer there. I have to talk with a guy on Monday and see what certification is required. I know I will probably have to get a certification but it is exciting and hopefully it will push me to get that damn certification that I have been putting off for way to long!

The diet has been solid and I have had to no problems what so every. I did have really really low energy yesterday and when I talked to Tony last week he said that I could have 3-4 ounces of sweet potato or 1 cup of brown rice if I needed it. I have to admit I was totally freaked out about having to add that. I instantly said I need a menu I need something to follow in order to do that. He said there is no menu this is to be added if you "need it" I said, will I know if I need it? Will this set me off? I was terrified. He said you will know. So yesterday I was so tired and had very little energy in the afternoon and I was hungry before my schedule eat time. At first I thought I was just tired because I didn't get enough sleep. I decided to lay down to see if that would help. I couldn't sleep so I decided if I didn't feel better after I laid down that I would have a sweet potato with my dinner. It was exactly what I needed and I was so proud of myself for doing it. This was big, very big for me! I wasn't like the energizer bunny or anything but I did feel better and it was nice to know that I was able to recognize it. There has been so many break through for me this week it is unbelieveable. I wish I could share more of them with you but some of the others are very personal in nature and I am not willing to share those quite yet.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Progress Photos

I thought I would post a some pictures. The very top picture was taken before I started with my new trainer 7 weeks ago. Bottom picture was taken yesterday. I am definately seeing some changes in the upper body. Lower body I still have work to do but I think there may be some slight changes.
I weighed when I started at 161 and yesterday I weighed in at 150 so I have lost 11 pounds in almost eight weeks.
I forwarded the pictures to my trainer and am eager to get his feedback. I asked him to help me set goal weight and at what weight did he feel my legs may begin to smooth out and tighten. I will definately return to let everyone know what he had to say.
Today is Easter and it will be a quiet one. No little ones running around looking for Easter eggs or baskets. My son decided not to come home and we picked up my daughter yesterday but she will be returning today.
Hope everyone has a great Easter! I will return with my feedback when I get it. Now I am off to eat my Oatmeal and egg whites!!