Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gaining Momentum!!

Good Morning Everyone! It was a nice long weekend but am looking forward to getting back into my routine. Yesterday was a great day of eats! I started of the morning with a nice bowl of oats cooked in almond breeze and milk. After it was cooked I added some flaxseed meal and two figs. I nice filling breakfast!
Doesn't this look fabulous? It was quite delicious. I stayed home all day yesterday and just enjoyed being home. I had some cherry tomatoes sitting in the refrigerator so I mixed them with olive oil and a little brown sugar and baked them in the oven until soft and sweet! Love my tomatoes like this. I had some left over beans in the refrigerator so I made this delicious lunch.

White beans, roasted tomatoes and pesto stuffed into a whole wheat pita! Simply delicious and so quick to put together. Who said eating healthy has to take a lot of time?

While reading a lot of blogs I have seen people drinking these "Green Monsters". I thought I would give one a try for a mid afternoon snack. It contained a half frozen banana from the banana yesterday, a handful of cut up mango, spinach and some almond breeze.

Look how beautiful? I was kind of freaked out about drinking spinach but it was quite good and I think I would like to experiment with it some more. I do think I would put some peanut butter or some protein powder. It didn't keep me full very long. I have noticed that I do stay a little bit fuller when I actually eat food than drinking a beverage but that is just me. But I was proud of myself for giving it a try.

Since my daughter likes to have rice quite a bit and I like having it on hand in the refrigerator I cooked up a big batch today. I love being home cooking. So dinner tonight I had this delicious dinner. Doesn't it look great with the bright green edamame and red peppers? Another quick and easy meal.

This meal had grated ginger, garlic, pineapple juice, sesame seed oil, edamame, red pepper, pinch of red pepper flakes and brown rice. I nice delicious, quick and filling dinner.
I am so proud of how I have been able to turn things around. This gives me momentum to not only keep pushing forward but to also show myself that I can do this. I can some times get crazy with the exercise and I even gave myself permission to just take the whole day off. I have to admit it was quite difficult for me and at one point I was going to go walking but I didn't. Guess what? Nothing bad happened. Go figure! Mmmm... I always have this thought go threw my head that I have to exercise everyday if I want to lose weight and if I don't I will never achieve success. But as time goes on threw trial and error I am learning so much. If I stick to a healthy well balance diet and do a moderate amount of exercise all will be good. And yesterday gave me a good example of that. My weight is back down under 150 which I am thrilled with and I am beaming like a little kid so proud of what I have been able to do.
Anything is possible if you feel like you are worth it and you know what? I am.

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Debi said...

Great job Kathi! I'm going to make that tomato & bean pita today for lunch! Looks so yummy!

I agree with the "green" drinks - I hear of people doing it all the time. I need to try one!

Keep up the hard work!