Friday, May 8, 2009

New Eats!!

Yesterday was a great day and it was filled with some new eats to try! They both were quite delicious and I would definitely have them again. Lunch was a recipe called Spinach Salad and pumpkin seed and avocado. It has spinach, avocado, dried apricots and pepitas. It was good it was topped with the vinaigrette I posted about a few days ago. It was good.
I was a little afraid that it wouldn't keep me satisfied but it held me over quite nicely. I had strength training and cardio yesterday afternoon. I packed five dates and stuffed them each with an almond for an after workout snack. Love dates!

Dinner last night was something I was eager to try. BQ tofu and sweet potato. I am starting to get a hang of cooking tofu which is very exciting. I diced the tofu and fried in a plan with 2 tsp of oil until golden brown and crunchy on the outside. I set it aside and mixed it with organic BQ sauce. In the pan I added a tsp of olive oil 4 cups of Kale and garlic sauteed it until soft and added 1 TB of BQ sauce. I put in a bowl and topped it with the tofu.

I also microwaved a small sweet potato and added 2 tsp of real maple syrup. Oh this meal was SO good. I have forgotten how much I love sweet potatoes and with the maple syrup, mmmm!
It was a great day of eats and I would have both of these eats again.

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