Monday, May 4, 2009

Great Eats for a Beautiful Day!!

It was a beautiful day on Sunday and it was SO wonderful to be out and enjoy it. My goal for today was to get rid of some of the little containers of beans in the refrigerator. So I started off with lunch. Left over refried beans. I combined the beans with salsa spread it on two tortillas topped with cheese and spinach. Mmmm quite messy as the beans tend to squeeze out when being eaten but I still enjoyed it.

After lunch was eaten and the grocery list was made we headed to get the shopping done. I decided to pick up some silken tofu because there was recipe for a Chocolate Mousse made with the tofu that I was eager to try. We got home put the grocery away and was just in time to have my afternoon snack.

I decided on the Chocolate Mousse and I enjoy it. I think next time I will put it threw the blender instead of mixing it up with a hand mixer. It was good and it will be a great thing to have when I am feeling a need for chocolate. I also found these beautiful golden raspberries at Whole Foods the other day. They were just so beautiful I couldn't resist. They were quite good but not quite as sweet as the red raspberries but a nice change.

Since I was continuing to empty out the refrigerator I had some left over butter beans so I made the delicious sandwich with butter beans fried and Swiss chard. Unfortunately I didn't have a nice baguette like I had the first time I tried it so I used a sprouted bread. It was still good since the flavor is so darn delicious but the bread wasn't quite as hardy and it was a mess since the bread did get mushy when I put the balsamic vinegar on. You have to have the vinegar it just makes the sandwich. It was still good and I just love this sandwich. I was browsing blog the other day and came across a bean burger made with butter beans that I definately am going to try next week.

I thought this summoned up how I felt at the end of the day. I ended my day with a seven mile walk with my neighbor, Denise. She was a trooper and made the whole seven miles. Go Denise!! Her space is quite slower than mine but I enjoyed the walk with her and tried to put away the fact that I wasn't going as fast as I wanted or it took 30 minutes longer than I would do it. It was a great thing for me. I reminded me that it isn't how fast you do it is just the fact that you did it! Thanks for the great lesson yesterday Denise!

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