Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rainy, Gloomy Hump Day

Good Morning Everyone! Looks like it is going to be a rainy day so glad that I sat out and enjoyed to sun yesterday. I was going to go outside walking today, not going to happen. I will be heading to the gym to get my cardio session in today. A recap of yesterday eats. Doesn't this salad look yummy? It was fabulous. I had never tried Edamme other than the soynuts so I was excited about giving them a try. They were really good and I have a couple other recipe that called for them that I plan on trying. The salad contained, edamme, red grapes, walnuts, green spring salad mix and lemon-flax vinaigrette. The combination of grapes and walnuts were great.
Last nights dinner was another new one, Pesto-style portobello Penne. I know I have said before but I was never a big mushroom eater but I think I am starting to change my mind. I really like this. I did forget to toast the pine nuts so I have to remember that for next time. This dinner contained: portobello mushroom, pine nuts, whole grain penne, fresh basil, cannellini beans and parmesan. I have missed my pasta and it was nice to have it again in a small controlled amount.

I had planned on just having a bowl of cereal this morning with fruit but I changed my mine. I do enjoy having some thing warm and filling in the morning. I had leftover pancake batter and saw another pancake recipe that I decided to try instead. Zucchini-Spiced-Pecan Pancakes. Yummy!! I really liked these. It reminded me of zucchini bread and the crunch of the pecans in the batter was a nice added touch. It is always exciting to me when I can get some veggies at the start of the day. I still have a little pancake batter left I can see this again in the very near future.
I have two more new meals planned for today which is very exciting. It helps me focus less on the weight loss and number on the scale and it is so darn fun too. I see that the boys have finished off the cake I made them so I will have to see what kind of treat I can make them today. I go and see my plastic surgeon today for a check up and I am sure he will be taking some after pictures. It has been three month already. I think I need to see the before and after because I tend to focus on what I still don't like instead of focusing on how far I have come. But don't we all do that? What purpose does it serve? I should be truly grateful and proud of the wonderful job I have done.


April said...

Mmmmm...can I come over for breakfast, lunch and Dinner :)

Those pancakes sound yummy! Where is the recipe?

gale said...

I'll be excited to hear how you feel after seeing the before and after pictures! Your progress has been huge!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Your dinner looks terrific!

Thought of you today; I went shopping for some clothes - or I should say "tried to go". I'm just not feeling it. When will we think it's FUN, like other girls??? :(

Heheh - I see my word verification word is "flucke"!!! I'm gonna start using that one!lol!