Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Start Again!!

Peaches and Candied-Ginger Yogurt

I decided to try this for breakfast this morning. It did not care for the candied-ginger. Quite strong ginger flavor that was just to over powering for me. But I give myself credit for giving it a try.

I am trying to get my mind right from yesterday eating. I want to put it behind me and move forward with a positive outlook and not sabotage myself with self pity and self doubt.

I have no strength training today. I am going to take walk here shortly and do a seven mile walk. I am struggling with trying to figure out how to get this last ten pounds off. Is it totally necessary that I get these ten pounds off? Probably not. I am 5'9" and currently weight 149 on my home scale and about 153 on the gym scale. My trainer said he would like to see me get down into the low 140 on the gym scale. If any one has any advise I would love to hear it?
I have come a long way in my weight loss journey and I some times feel like I lose sight of this great accomplishment ans only focus on what I have left to do. I am in the best shape of my life and in the smallest clothes I can ever remember being in.
What weight is right for me? I am still not happy with how my legs appear and is it possible if I continue to take the weight down to lose the fat that is hiding there. Will I ever be truly happy with the way I look? I so look forward to hearing for you.


Heather said...

Hey Kathi! I'm glad the video I posted was able to help a bit! I so completely understand where your head is & your fears of being that fat girl again. I actually refer to my old self as "fat Heather." That's so horrible now that I look back. THAT didnt define who I was or who I am today.

I learned so much from that person & in reality I was happier with that person in some aspects.

I'm now 20 pounds heavier than my WW goal weight thanks to really ridculous dieting for figure shows. While I had an amazing time, the mental & physical aftermath from really bad coaching has wreaked havoc on me.

BUT I'm not going to let that stop me from living. I'm fit (even with the extra weight), probably gained some muscle in that time & am about to be married.

My thoughts for you are this....

Are you SURE you are eating enough for all the activity you are doing? I see almost 3 hours of activity yesterday.

You are at a healthy weight now & we both know that you cannot pick where the weight comes from when you lose those last 10 pounds your trainer wants you to drop. So you drop the weight & arent happy still with your legs. Then what?

I dont want to sound like I'm being a snot. It's so not my intention but you are doing alot to be healthy.

Can you be content to live a healthy life? Set a good example for those around you? Or just continue to forget how far you have come & enjoy the successes of life?

Hugs to you!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Ditto everything Heather said -lol!!

I can relate 100% to what you are feeling. People tell me I look great, but I don't "totally" see it yet. I focus on the parts I don't like (i.e. - legs, too!) and I think I need to lose 30 more pounds to have them look right! Yikes! I'm having trouble making it to my WW goal weight, I don't know why I'm pressuring myself for more than that, too.

For what my opinion is worth, I think you look AMAZING in your pics and your new outfits and you should celebrate how fit and healthy you are now! You are no longer that girl in the pic at the top of your page! You are so inspirational!!!!!

Weight Watchers Chic said...

You do look great. Thanks so much for edamame recipe's .. I am taking the leap this weekend. I 'll let you know

Weight Watchers Chic said...

You do look great. Thanks so much for edamame recipe's .. I am taking the leap this weekend. I 'll let you know