Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yesterdays Eats

Yesterday for lunch I thought I would try to use up some of the little containers I have in the refrigerator of all kinds of beans I have been trying. I came across a recipe that called for a variety of beans so I thought it would be the perfect recipe to try. The recipe include 3/4 cup of a variety of beans, I used kidney, navy beans and white beans. It had a whole green pepper chopped and garlic. The recipe called for them raw but I cooked mine to make them soft. It also used ketchup, chili powder and maple syrup and served it on two tortillas. I liked it! The sweetness from the syrup and the spiciness from the chili powder made it a great combination.

Today snack I found quite interesting I made this ahead of time so all the flavor could soak in. I didn't put the almonds in until right before serving I wanted them to have a nice crunch and not be soggy. At first I wasn't sure of the combination but as I ate it started to grow on me. I will have to try it again just to be sure. The combination was red grapes, fresh mint, white balsamic vinegar and almonds. You will have to give it a try and let me know what you think.

Doesn't this dinner look yummy? It was quite hesitant on this one but lately I have been on a lot of things for no reason because everything truly has been quite good. Loving that! This was a sandwich which used butter beans as the protein source. I have never heard or eaten a butter beans. When I opened the can I started to have my doubts about this meal. But I kept myself open and am sure glad I did. This recipe was called Fried Beans and Garlic Greens. Along with the beans that I had never had I also was able to try Swiss Chard. This was another recipe that took very little time and was so darn tasty. Since I have left over butter beans and Swiss chard i can see this again in my near future. The adding touch to this sandwich was balsamic vinegar drizzled over the top of the beans and chard it was the perfect touch. If anyone is interested in the recipe let me know and I will forward.
Another wonderful day of eats!!

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Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

I love beans!!!

Whenever you get a chance, I would love to try the Fried Beans and Greens recipe - sounds yum!