Monday, April 20, 2009

Recap from Sunday

I didn't get to finish posting yesterday eats so thought I would do that before I move on to today's plan. For lunch yesterday I start off with two La Tortilla small tortillas. These are great and only 50 calories per tortilla and loaded with fiber

I then proceeded to add 3/4 cup of black beans mushed with quarter avocado and 1/4 cup of salsa and 1/2 tsp cumin.

Spread the mixture in the two tortillas!!

They were quite delicious and so filling!! What I liked about it is the fact that it was very quick and easy. Will definitely have this one again. And I didn't even miss the cheese and sour cream.
We proceeded to go grocery shopping after lunch in the miserable rainy day. Got some delicious eat and was home in time to have a nice afternoon snack.

Snack today was Fage 0% Greek yogurt with 1 TB of 100% whole maple syrup and a couple of spiced pecans on top. This was SO good. It was creamy and delicious. Just hit the spot.

For dinner decided to try a recipe out of the Flexitarian diet. It was a chili. I could not believe how much it made. What is nice about the recipes in the book is that they are all one serving. This bowl was HUGE!! It was so filling and SO spicy. I definitely was able to get my water in today after eating that.

Snack tonight was 5 dates filled each with one almond. Oh was this delicious. I don't think I have eaten dates. It was so sweet and I think now that I know that I love them it will be great to have when the sweet tooth is upon me.
It was a great day of eating and I had no problems what so every. I went all weekend with out eating meat. I am surprised that is had not been that difficult and I have been so satisfied.

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