Friday, April 17, 2009

Snack and Dinner

This afternoon snack today was two Wasa Crackers with a slice of low fat Swiss cheese split in half. It was quite good although the crackers I had for awhile and they weren't quite as fresh as I hoped. Have to add these crackers to the grocery list for next week.

Dinner tonight was a wonderful Summer Kale salad with Balsamic Tofu. Was SO good. If you haven't tried Kale you need to give it a try. I was quite hesitant to try it but am so glad I did. It is quite delicious.

I had some difficult eating and did some unplanned and uncontrolled eating this afternoon. But I am not going to let it effect me moving forward. I have to give myself credit for ending it and moving forward. Every moment is an opportunity to start over and that is what I did. I am putting it behind me and moving forward. Tomorrow is a fresh start and a great opportunity to learn and grow when it comes to food and eating.

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