Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yesterday Eats

Yesterday I had a busy day of Strength training, cardio and then some food shopping with my girlfriend Gale. So I had some leftover Summer Kale Salad and Balsamic Tofu and threw that in a container for a quick and easy lunch. It had been sitting in the refrigerator and I as worried about how it would be, it was fabulous. Love it!!

After getting home from my day I had a snack of Wasa Cracker and a slice of 2% Swiss Cheese. It wasn't quite enough food and I found that I was still hungry. Not sure if the salad wasn't quite enough food for lunch or what. At first I panicked and was going to try to hold off for dinner. Afraid of what might happen if I did that I decided on a piece of string cheese and two clementines. That seems to feed the hungry beast in me and I was able to make in until dinner. I was very proud of how I handled that situation and it gave me some confidence that I am capable of handling a situation like that again in the future.

Dinner last night was a Black, tomato omelet. I was a little nervous about having an omelet with these types of ingredients but I was so pleasantly surprised. It was quite tasty and I was able to attempt to get rid of some stuff in the refrigerator. I would definitely have this again.
I had my book group last night so I brought a mixture of Greek yogurt, cocoa powder and agave nectar for my evening snack. It was OK but wouldn't say it was my favorite.
All in all I had a great day and am feeling great. I decided that I am not going to have any meat for 7 days so I have three days to go. I am so enjoying this journey of discovery for myself.

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