Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Morning!!

Good Tuesday morning to everyone! Another cold gloomy day here today. When is it going to be nice? I think it is suppose to begin warming up tomorrow. I am looking forward to nicer weather so I can get to taking my long walks outside. I have a new route I would like to take maybe I can attempt it tomorrow or Thursday.

Today I thought I would try brown rice for breakfast. I saw this recipe and I thought it might be quite interesting to try brown rice instead of oats for breakfast. It was quite delicious. I made a big batch of brown rice yesterday so all I had to do was measure out my portion and put it in the microwave. I really enjoyed it.

The breakfast included:

3/4 cup brown rice
3 dried apricot chopped
2 tablespoons sliced almonds (all I had was slivered)
1 teaspoon maple syrup

It was quite tasty the sweetness from the syrup and the apricots along with the crunch from the almond was quite good.

I have all my meals planned out for the day and I will try millet tonight for dinner, which I am excited about.

Yesterday on my food shopping outing I pick up a lot of different type of grains that I would like to try. It was quite nice at Whole Foods you could buy them by the pound so I was able to get a little of each one I want to try for quite cheap they range about 50 cents for each one. Note: that is just enough for myself and not my family. Not sure how open my 18 year old son would be to this type of eating. Hubby would be game so might have more fun experimenting with food when the kids are both of to college in the fall. Isn't my hubby lucky? I hope he is ready.

Have strength training and my cardio session this afternoon. Think I will make the turkey meatball this morning for the boys dinner tonight. They will be having meatball subs for dinner. My son should be happy with that and last time I made them with turkey he really enjoyed them. Maybe I can convert him some day! :) I hate to think what he will be eating once he heads off to college. SIGH...

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