Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 3

Here it is day three of the challenge and so far so good. No problems and it feels good to be back in the game. I had my first lower body workout since the surgery. It was good to start it back up and I came to realize how important this whole exercise thing is for me. I have a bummed knee and many of you know about it. Those who do not, I fell about 5 years ago and broke my patella (knee cap) and had multiple surgeries (6 to be exact) to get it where it is today. I didn't realize how much the strength training has provided so much benefit to the knee. Since I haven't done any strength training for almost six weeks the knee has gotten really tight. Like tight. So when we were doing squats and the leg press I could really feel the tightness. I look forward to getting it loosened up again. I also have lost quite a bit of strength but by what I hear muscle memory will come back quickly and I could be back on top of my game in a matter of a few weeks. I look forward to seeing it happen.
The diet has been good and even my trainer said yesterday I am starting to look better even after just a few days. I have decided to go back to my original diet which is not incorporating a lot of complex carbs but I am still doing the myoplex shakes so I should be OK for the challenge. I know this way of eating works for me each and every time I do it and that gives me SO much comfort. I was hopeful that I would be willing to try another way but with summer right around the corner I want to get where I want to be as quickly as possible. So far I am losing about a pound a day, I weighed in on my scale this morning at 155. I don't have anything to complain about with regards to that. I think I am goingto print my before picture and posted it on my refrigerator for a gently reminder of where I am. This is not how I want to look this summer.
I am excited about the changes to come. I will be heading over to the gym this morning to get in my cardio and I think I will do a little abs today.
Here is to as great day and a 100% on target diet for the weekend.


April said...

Keep it up! Do you use a bike or swim for cardio? I know a girl who has knee problems and that works for her :)

Kathi said...

I do the treadmill. I have a heart monitor so I set the treadmill to keep my heart rate at 150 and I choose to use inclines instead of speed to get my heart rate up. It works very well.
I check out Dreambodies online site. What can you tell me about it?