Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vanilla -Date Oatmeal

Good Morning!! It is going to be another beautiful day and I am looking forward to getting out and having a nice walk this morning.
I am feeling good about getting back on track today and started my morning off with a wonderful bowl of oatmeal, which I love!! This morning I decided to try Vanilla-Date Oatmeal. Mmmm!! Love this one but I love dates!!
Vanilla-Date Oatmeal
1 cup of skim milk or soy milk (I used Almond Breeze)
1/2 cup oats
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp honey
2 dates chopped
This tasted much sweeter to me maybe it is because of the dates. Cooking the oats in the milk instead of water it much creamier and delicious.
As I was sitting here catching up on some blogs (Abby's) something occurred to me that I want to start looking into. Although I have made great progress with my eating this past week, by entering not only variety into my diet but also complex carbs I still find myself very rigid and structured. I do feel like I had to be that way when I had SO much weight to lose but I am at a different place now. I can begin to start truly listening to my body and figuring out what it is that it wants and do that in a healthy controlled way. As I reflect back on what occurred yesterday with the binging episode I am wondering if I would have truly listened to what I was wanting could the result been different. Instead of having the thinking that I planned on having the pita chips and nothing else and worry about the calorie totals for the day could I have said I am craving something sweet or I want cereal or I want fruit. Just letting myself have a small portion and be OK with it. I do know that I am an all or nothing person but I also now that I am a strong, independent, strong willed person that is capable of conquering this. I am excited about the challenge and I will not let it defeat me. What a different outlook even from yesterday. Now that is growth!! I have to admit I am excited about this journey of discovery.
I also made some great progress yesterday in the job avenue. I finished my resume yesterday with my husbands help and applied for two job yesterday evening. I have mixed emotions about the whole process and that is OK. I need to move and grow and that doesn't happen sitting in self doubt. The great thing is that I can try anything and if I don't like I don't have to continue to do it. I can say that is not for me and move on. Will look into more job opportunities today.
Have my training session at 2:30. Although initial I was afraid of what the scale was going to say this morning. I was up about two pounds and I can truly except that and move on. In the past I would have felt like a failure and worried about what Dick would say but not now not today. Did I have bump in the road? Yes but it isn't the end of the road it is just and obstacle that I must over come to grow and learn. I am so damn proud of myself these days. I am feeling good about my life!!

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gale said...

You're learning a lot from your experiences. Thanks for sharing! It helps us all to look at things from a more positive viewpoint.