Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Here it is Easter Morning and all is quiet in the house. It is weird to enter this new part of my life, there is no early morning rising to little feet shuffling around the house to find Easter basket and Easter eggs. A little sad.. They are growing up and I have no control over that and I can only hope the we did a good enough job that they are great people in this world.
I am feeling a little upset with myself and trying to put it behind me and move forward. I fell of the wagon with eating last night. I know there is nothing at the moment that can change it and I have to move forward from today. I will not let it linger and will not let it effect what I choose to do today. So I start of my day with a delicious bowl of oatmeal and egg whites. I have had some computer time this morning and I will now get dressed and take a nice long walk and enjoy this beautiful morning.

We will be heading to Kenosha for Easter dinner with the family. I think I have decided that I will bring myself my chicken salad to eat. I can not worry what other will think I have to do what is best for me. For me this is about visit and see the family it is not about how much empty calories I can eat. I feel good about the decision I made and can put that behind me. I think I will make a batch of spiced pecans to bring tonight along with some fresh strawberries and maybe will look around on the computer for some healthy dip for them.
I am looking forward to getting my weight back down from yesterday free for all. I will not let my weight define me. Can you tell I am still struggling a little? :) I do want to attempt to begin to work on eating healthy food and get away from relying on the scale to tell me if I am successful with what I am doing. I have learned so much from reading a lot of blogs and there are some wonderful food I have yet to discover. I did make a red kale salad yesterday. I had never had kale before and was a little nervous about trying it. The salad was delicious and I have to thank Abby for posting it on her blog. So good!! I will definitely be having that again.
Here is to healthy eating!!!


Kelly said...

Don't beat yourself up about the meal. Actually, a high calorie meal after eating healthy can cause you to have a sudden drop in weight. So just stick to healthy eating the rest of the time. Maybe that scale will surprise you this week.

Enjoy your time with family. :)

Amy said...

Great attitude, Kathi. The best we can do when we slip up is to take whatever lesson we can from it & learn from it...what event(s) lead me to slip up?...have I been depriving myself? is my relationship with food? Is food nutrition for my body or a comforter or favorite past time? I understand your struggles, Kathi because these are the very things I'm working at changing in my life & this is why Kim has me journaling about them. You will conquer this! :) I hope you had a lovely Easter with your family. Here's to another strong week!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

I wish I did not let the scale define me, either. I thought I was getting better at it, but this week has been "like old times" :(

Good for you for trying something new! Red Kale sounds so interesting - I'll look out for it!

Linda said...

I can totally relate to the struggles too. I just got a new plan in place for myself. I am in physical therapy three times a week for my knee and hip so my workouts are restricted so I am totally tightening up my nutrition. You have a good plan and you will meet your goals! hugs!