Monday, July 13, 2009

Stomach Issue Continue

I did good all day yesterday so why do stomach problems have to start again at 4:00 am? It isn't pain for or anything and I hate to be blogging about my gastrointestinal issue but I thought if someone has gone through this and can let me know this is normal process of detoxing it "might' make me feel a little better.

Like I said I don't feel bad but right before I have to go to the bathroom I can feel the "waste" going all the way threw my intestinal tract. Since I have never experience this before it "freaked' me out at first. But I am happy to know that my body does give me a heads up that I need to be heading to the bathroom when I get that feeling. Not sure if I will be able to venture out far from home today unless it is going to get better now that the sun is up. Looks like another nap might be in my future today.

If anyone has done any raw dieting and has experience this I would LOVE to hear from you.


Brit-Man said...

Kathi, it could be something to do with the way you have been eating.

I'll try and comment as politely as I can, and I sincerely hope you don't take this in the wrong way, asI will be touching on something a bit sensitive, but you might be wise to go into Google and type "bristol stool scale", into the Google images.

If this sensation you had has been preceeded, by anything on the scale, that you think looks a little unusual, then you will need to monitor your related intestinal actions, for the following few days and see if the results of your GI anomelie, stay the same or correspond to a different entry on the BSS.

If you think your issue is manifesting itself, into some kind of unwanted GI problem, when you relieve yourself, then it could either be too much fibre or possibly mild onset of some kind of bacteria or virus.

Should anything viral manifest in relation to a GI issue, it could possibly be symptomatic of reduced Gut bacteria, failing to suppress a virus, and also be mindful that if a doctor prescribed any anti-biotics, they could further suppress the Gut Bacteria, meaning you might be wise in that instance, to consume at least one low Sugar pro-biotic Yoghurt a day, to keep the body topped up, or consider looking into something like an Acidophilus supplement or other related gut flora supplement.

Right now, your situation, doesn't sound like it's a problem waiting to happen, but being cautious for a few days, would seem prudent right now, just incase anything amiss happens and you begin to accept it as normal when it's not.

As I say, I don't think anything will happen by the sounds of things. Could just be your bodies adjustment to how you're eating.

Anyway, hopefully you understand where I'm coming from, and I hope I didn't get too graphic there, as it was a little awkward to get my point across, as softly softly as I thought possible.

As always I will wish you a lot of luck and best wishes. Please know that my thoughts for you are extremely positive, as is my respect, admiration and understanding for your continued efforts.

You continue to make great steps each week, and remain a source of positive inspiration and energy as well.

Keep smiling, you deserve it, and I'm very proud to have had the chance to see you come so far and do so well.

Thank you for that kindness, warmth and acceptance. Know it is very apprceiated, and that you can count on my support and encouragement, for as long as you want it.

Take care and have a great day. You are doing brilliantly and I really hope the future continues to be exceptionally bright for you and the family. You're a great Lady who deserves so much.

With much respect.

:-) :-).


The Spice Doc said...

From a TCM perspective eating all that raw food is going to create stomach unrest, I would pair it with warm water or a warm herbal tea if possible. Your digestion needs warmth, and cold can damage it. Hope that helps!