Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grilled Veggies!!

I have been thinking about these for awhile and i just had to cook some up tonight for dinner. Although it was raining it didn't stop me and it was SO worth the effort. I just loved these guys. Since I am in the beginning stages of eating Raw, dinners are the only meal that I will be having cooked foods.
I served the veggies over whole wheat pasta and 1/4 cup of cannelini beans this is an old picture and tonight I opted out of having nuts. The Detox diet encourages you not to mix certain food together and nuts is one that should not be eaten with pasta. Today was the first full day of this diet and it has gone well and I was surprised how much I have been going pee.. I haven't even been drinking that much water. I should not be surprised since fresh fruits and vegetables do contain quite a bit of water.

Since I had didn't have dinner until 6:40 I decided to finish of my food today with a nice piece of dark chocolate that I bought. I don't normally really enjoy dark chocolate but this really hit the spot I enjoyed every little piece.
I think I will do some reading over of the The Raw Food Detox diet tonight. I look forward to starting off tomorrow with a nice juice from the juicer. I will have to stop at the store and pick up some fruits and veggies to make these. I am excited about seeing how I feel with this different approach to eating and nutrition. I`encourage anyone who feel like they are in a rut to consider a different approach to eating there is no RIGHT way of eating. I have use this approach during the 120 pound weight loss. I did not use just one diet to reach my goal there were many diets along the way and it help each and every time not only to continue reducing my weight but also to experiment with a different approach to eating and weight loss. Are you up for a new challenge?

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Heather said...

You are so right that there is no one right way to diet. Most find themselves sucked into the latest craze though. I think some will respond better than others to certain things & always try to encourage folks to do what's best for THEM rather than what worked for me! And to always remember than sometimes you have to make changes to continue the progress.

Okay, I'm rambling :) lol Will be curious to see how you feel with this new plan!