Thursday, July 9, 2009

Continuing with Raw Eating

I woke up this morning eager to start of my day with a delicious juice. I did wait until I felt like I need to eat and I make my juice out of these wonderful ingredients about 8:30.
I was delicious and made about a glass and half of delicious green goodness. I remember to take out the pulp of celery and apples before juicing the rest and eat it with a little cinnamon and agave nectar. Not bad!
I did some blog reading and a little house clean too. I start getting hungry again about 10:00 and had a nice bowl of blueberries. yummy!!
There is a little Asian grocery store down the road and I thought I would run over and see if I could find any good finds. I was very disappoint there was not much in there and I have to admit I came home feeling kind of defeated. I did buy some spring roll sheet and I look forward to filling them with fresh wonderful veggies.
I got home around 11:30 and was feeling a little hungry but wasn't quite ready for lunch so I snacked on a nice bowl of grapes. I have some strawberries that my in laws picked and I decided that I wanted to make some homemade pound cake for the boys. So I search out a recipe and made a beautiful loaf. (I will try to remember to take a picture of this) I need to cut up the strawberries and put in a little sugar before I head out to my training. My trainer called and asked if we could move the time so I won't train until 4:30 today. Looks like it will be a little later dinner tonight.

I began making my lunch around 1:00 today. Although I am eager to begin eating Raw, I want to make sure that none of the food in the house gets wasted. Today lunch was spinach, broccoli slaw, shredded carrots, cucumber, broccoli, avocado (I mashed it and added: red onion, tomato and cumin) and the last "Chik" patty from the freezer. I nice big salad that hit the spot and tend to keep me full for awhile. Since I will be eating late today I will pack some raw nuts and dried fruit to hold me over.

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Brit-Man said...

I'm sure you'll get things back on track soon. You went for a trip, and the food got a little raggedy, but it's okay, and it won't spoil what you've done and can still do, because you're not that person now.

So keep your chin up and GOOD LUCK. I know you are capable of a lot, and I completely believe in you.

:-) :-).