Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ending on a Fabulous note!!

Here is some pictures of the beautiful pound cake that I made for the family for dessert tonight. Doesn't it look so delicious?!!!
They said it was fabulous and they topped it with strawberries and cool whip. I would have liked to have had a piece but I was saving myself for something very special that you will soon see.

I trained at 4:30 and got done with my training session at 5:30. I ate this banana and then I hit the elliptical for 30 minutes. I had a great cardio session and left sweaty but good. I stopped at the store for supplies for my morning juice and some collard to make this delicious wrap.
I headed up the rest of the grilled veggies from last night and made these collard wraps from Gena blog, Choosing Raw. I had never had collard so I was excited about trying a new vegetable tonight. I whipped up some vegan Italian pizza cheese early today and I was excited about giving it a try.
It was fabulous! My daughter came home so I shared one of my wraps with her. She loved it some much she made herself another. It was so good and it truly did resemble ricotta cheese. I look forward to eating this again. The cheese was made up of cashews, salt, lemon juice, basil and sun dried tomatoes. Yummy!! Anyone considering incorporating some raw food into their diet has to try time one. Definitely a keeper.

Now for the Big surprise and something I have been dieing to try. When I stopped at the store for my collard greens I picked up dried pineapple for this delicious dessert. I decided the last minute to make them tonight and my daughter was kind enough to help, of course she got to taste and took some to share with her girlfriends.

These are called, "Dreaming about Donut Holes" this recipe is from a new book that I ordered and am excited about giving other recipes in the book try. The book is called Ani's raw food kitchen, by Ani Phyo. I sampled the dough and have to say they are quite delicious. I have them in the refrigerator and I think I will be having two of these for my snack tonight.
They made up of almonds, sea salt, vanilla bean, dried pineapple, pitted dates and coconut. Hubby even like this one and I am sure my son will enjoy them as well since they are very sweet. I have had a great day of eat and two successful new recipes to add to my every growing list of delicious food. Have I told you lately how much I am enjoying this journey? Well I am!!


princessvalecia said...

those wraps look delicious gotta try them!

Kelly said...

I've made the collard wraps and the "donut holes" while doing raw foods. Brings back memories. I just wasn't disciplined enough to keep at it. :( So glad that you are enjoying it though!!