Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fabulous Day!!

Lately I have been hungry for eggs so I have been having them. This morning I scrambled one egg and four whites with a little garlic powder and basil. Yummy! I think I have been shorting myself on protein and this may be a cause for my craving.
I had a super busy morning and very productive. I finally went down to the clerks office and filed my DBA (do business as) and then I ran to the newspaper to put in an ad since this is part of the requirement for a DBA. That will run in Fridays paper and the next three weeks and then it will be done. I also ran to Staples and am having them run off 25 copies of my personal chef brochure that my husband and I designed. Ran to Home Goods for some new frying pan and to the bank. By the time I got home I was hungry so I snacked on some grapes as I fried up my veggie burger in my "new" frying pan!!

It was a fabulous lunch but when I went to Costco I looked up the nutritional fact on the veggies burgers and there is not nearly enough protein in them. I am glad I know that and can add another protein source when I eat them. But it was delicious and I enjoyed every bite. I am not sure if I have told anyone that I submitted my success story to Clean Eating Magazine. I did this a week or so ago and they contacted me about getting a better before picture which I was happy to forward. I got an email today asking if i was interested in having them feature me in their magazine. I was thrilled and quickly responded. I received another email saying that a writer would be contacting me and that I should find addition before and after pictures. Can you believe it? Honestly I never found my story that special. I just figured there are other people that have lost a weight and did it under difficult circumstance I wasn't the only one. This is just my thinking. But I am thrilled with the opportunity and hopeful that they will hope it is worth printing. I will keep you posted on that.
I was to meet my client at the gym so I ate a banana before heading over to the gym. Unfortunately, she had to cancel as I was in route to the gym. I headed to Costco instead since I was out that way. I had a lot of difficulty not wanting to pick up something wonderful to eat the whole way home. I browsed the whole store thinking about what I would buy but in the end I just couldn't do it. I knew what every I choose to buy would be eaten and not just a small amount probably the whole container. I opened the gum and chomped on that until I got home.

While I prepared my dinner I eat some raisins. I had barbecue tofu, kale and sweet potato fries. I still didn't quite feel satisfied so I ate a pretty big portion of almonds. I know feel happy and satisfied.
I decided to be brave and talk face to face with my trainer tomorrow. This is a HUGE step for me. I have been happy with my training session with him and have felt guilty about saying something. I guess for all these years of being heavy I never felt that I was worthy of saying what I needed. I have talked to a few great friends (Kim , Kim, Amy and Gale) and my husband and I just bite the bullet and texted him. Instead of working out with him tomorrow I will be meeting with him for lunch. He is a very busy guy and this is pretty much the only way I can get him alone one on one. I an very nervous but proud of myself for making this step. I haven't quite figured out what I am going to say or how I am going to say it but I hope the words will come tomorrow.

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Linda said...

I think it's so wonderful that the magazine wants to feature you. Your success story is amazing and you should be so proud. I really like that magazine and have been a subscriber since the first issue...I will be looking for you! congrats!