Friday, July 10, 2009


Doesn't this look fabulous? Don't worry this isn't something I ate. My son serve himself up a piece today and I took a quick picture so that you could see the finished product of my pound cake.
For lunch I had this salad. I used some of the fresh ingredients from the farmers market. I had to use up some black beans in the refrigerator so threw those on top. You may think the center of the salad is avocado but you would be wrong. It is hummus I made today. My salad had: fresh romaine, fresh cucumber, corn cut from a cob, yellow peppers, little tomato, black beans and hummus. It was a great salad.

Unfortunately, the salad did not fill me long and I start picking which at first I started to panic. I decided to make a delicious tofu mousse. So good! I snack on nuts and raisins. I still have the mind set that I am going to gain tons of weight eating nuts and dried fruit. I believe old mind set die hard. I went to the gym and trained my client at 6:00 and got home about 7:30.

I wasn't really hungry so decided on just having vegetables for dinner. Here is a few picture of my delicious and beautiful bean less hummus. Have I told you how much I love this? Probably only about a dozen times.

I sat with a bag of cut up cauliflower and had a feast. So filling and great fiber for the body. I also had some left over veggies that needed to be grilled up.

So I grilled those and had that along with my cauliflower and hummus. To top off everything I had a delicious donut hole. I am quite full and ready to relax for the evening.


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

yummy eats, Kathi!

Sleepdreamdress said...

Wow!! I'm glad I found your blog! You make wonderful food!

About the dehydrator...I would use the oven and put it on the "warm" setting...which is usually 107 degrees F. When I used the oven it took 4 hours to "sort of" dehydrate it. If you dont have the warm setting, heat the oven to 170 and turn it off allow it to cool down then turn it back on and repeat for a couple hours. Honestly I would use the sun with a cheesecloth on top of the patties. But since you dont have that option...please try the oven. Hope that helps! (Even my patties were a tad damp!)

BBingR.N. said...

I'm a long-time vegetarian who has gotten stuck in her ways, eating the same stuff over and over again. Your blog has inspired me to mix things up a bit - everything you prepare looks absolutely delicious!

Would you mind sharing the recipe for the zucchini "hummus"? That's something I'd love to try.


Brit-Man said...

Good to see you're doing okay.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).