Sunday, July 12, 2009


Still recouping from what ever has gotten to me. I definitely do not have my appetite back but some who I was able to eat this delicious chocolate mousse with Raw whipped cream. Yummy! The whip cream was good I was hoping it would be a little more fluffy but the taste was fabulous. Maybe if I had a Vitamix it would have turned out better. I have that on my want list along with a couple other things when we are back and on our feet. I ate the mousse and decided to lay down. I must have needed it because I slept a good three hours.
I decided to keep it light for dinner. I had a little bit of the "raw" Italian cheese left so decided on two delicious lettuce wraps!!

These are so good I just love them. I had thought about making a salad and if I am feeling hungry later maybe I will toss one up. But decided to finish of with a delicious piece of...

Chocolate... That always makes a tummy feel better right? It was good. I am thinking of making a batch of this dressing I want to try from the Raw Food Detox diet, Carrot-ginger dressing. I thought if it was already made up I would be more opt to trying it.
Have a question for anyone out there... Has anyone used garam masala seasoning? Can I buy this at the store? There is a recipe for Raw Curry Cantaloupe Soup that I was thinking of trying since I have the cantaloupe and that is the only thing I don't have to make it. I wonder how much of a difference it will make if I leave it out. It only calls for a 1/2 teaspoon. What do you think. I want to make sure the cantaloupe doesn't go to waste. I guess it won't hurt if I make it up with out the seasoning right? Maybe I will. I will let you know how it works out.
Off to do some cooking: Carrot-ginger dressing and Raw Curry cantaloupe soup.

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