Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day of Risk!

I worried going to bed last night that I would have difficulty sleeping with the big day of risk ahead of me. But I wa quite surprised that I slept quite well. I had considered oatmeal this morning but ultimately decided on a omelet. I wasn't sure what kind of choices I would have at lunch today and thought I would keep reserve my carbs for that just in case.

I had four egg whites, one egg, spinach, sun-dried tomatoe and a wedge of laughing cow cheese. Yummy! A nice size omelet and quite fillings.

I continue to remind myself that with self growth must come risk and risk is not fun but worth it in the end. I will feel happy for it in the end.

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Brit-Man said...

I'm glad you are proud of the decisions you have made lately Kathi.

I haven't doubted you would do the right things for you, and I know you're going to be able to emotionally, mentally and physically blossom and expand, because of these decisions.

So don't think about what you're leaving in the past, keep looking to the future, your more positive shinier future, and don't worry abou what it will bring, as you're doing some great things for you, and things you will benefift from, emotionally, mentally and physically, and your choices will be good for you, of that I am in no doubt.

GOOD LUCK again with everything, and keep smiling. You deserve a lot of happiness, and I for one hope you get it by the bucket full.

:-) :-).


P.S. I hope the article really works out too, because I will disagree politely and say your journey has been a special one, and you are a hugely different person to the one you were in so many ways.

The way you look today, is a big self compliment regards the person you are, because you are 44 going on late 30's, and compared to how you looked before, you look so much more vibrant, youthful, glowing and healthy, and you're a fantastically wonderful rolemodel and inspiration to others.

If your story gives hope, encouragement, and touches even one person, anything like you were, you will have made a special journey extra special.

This is your chance to spread your Heart, warmth and caring nature to a lot of people, so take this moment with both hands, and love every printed word, because you've earned this chance, and I know you'll make a wonderful impact on many readers, just like you do with the privileged few who read your blog.

:-) :-)