Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vanilla-Spiced Toast with Berry Syrup

This morning I decided on some French toast with syrup made from a mix of frozen berries. I nice change for breakfast this morning.
Did not have a lot of time for lunch so I made a quick lunch, Arugula Salad with Fig and Goat Cheese. It was nice because I was able to use up more left over in the refrigerator. I think I may have all my little containers of beans empty in the refrigerator. I think I have one with black bean. I think I still have some beets and the wheat berries but I am pretty proud of myself for using these up. I went over to my girl friends this afternoon to bounce some ideas about the two business I am trying to get up an running. She had some great insight for me and I SO appreciate her taking the time to talk to me. Of course I was so excited about the talk we had I came home and got going on some of the stuff we talked about. I printed out business cards and a coupon that will give people the opportunity to talked to me for a free consultation. I am nervous and excited about this possibility. I also have some stuff that I will work with the Personal Chef business this week.

Was so busy and forgot to take a picture of my snack. I ended up pulling a protein muffin I had made a while back and had that for a quick snack in between printing business cards and making the boys and myself dinner. I still had some of the Vegan Bologense and we usually have pasta on Sunday I decided to have another delicious bowl. I think I have enough for one more dish. Will plan to have that one more time this week.
I have been getting the computer that was brought up stair for me up and running and down loaded some of the stuff I will need on it. I had a few grapes and some celery with hummus but now I think I am going to sit and relax and make myself a little shake of almond breeze, strawberries and banana. I nice end to a great productive day.
I have a busy week a head with the Sanitation Class on Tuesday and Thursday and I am hoping that my trainer will be able to fit me to train on Wednesday and Friday. But I am excited about all the wonderful things happening in my life. Now it is my husbands turn, I hope something wonderful and exciting will cross his path soon!!

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Brit-Man said...

I'm sure you'll be fine on your course, and of course you have a right to be excited. You're doing things you really like, and things I don't doubt you are very good at.

It's good to see someone like you, getting these emotional rewards, for what has been a lot of hard work in recent years.

Good luck as always and keep on pushing.

:-) :-).