Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back in the Groove!

Good Morning! As you can see by my title, Back in the Groove, I have yet again having difficulty in the eating department. But yesterday I came to calm conclusion, I have the opportunity to start fresh in the morning. It gave me a sense of calm and there was no need for panic.
I am going to have great day and I am going to have bad days but in the end I have been blessed with another day to start again. So that is where I am this morning, a day to start fresh, and that feels great.
Yesterday whatever I ate just didn't seem to satisfy me and I just kept on eating. I can't remember the last time I felt this way and I attempt to try to figure out why. But I never came with and answer to they why and maybe there didn't need to be one.
I am still quite full from all the grazing and eating that was done yesterday but I will attempt to have some breakfast around 9:00. I am going to make some banana pancakes. I have my meals planned for the day and I have a things to keep my busy so it should be a great day! I am eager to get back on the saddle!!
I love having this new approach it has serve me well in so many ways!
I continue to working on getting the my business up an running. I made an posted some fliers yesterday and also posted something on Craig's list. I will contact the paper next week to find out how I go about running an add and will look into all the new supplies I will need to purchase. I continue to experiment on the boys with new meals and that is the fun part that I truly enjoy.
Once I have all the equipment, a good data base of recipes, I will begin to experiment with friends. I look forward to the opportunity to share with them wonderful new eats! I need to continue to keep risking because I know it will only help me grow and learn! Not always easy to take the risk but well worth the outcome!
I plan on posting the each day this week. It helps me stay focused on my eating and I enjoy sharing what is going on in my life.
I will take pictures of my food today and posted some time this evening.
Hope everyone enjoys Father's Day today. It will be a low key day here. Both kids won't be around to much but I guess I better start getting use to that.
I plan on searching for a nice dessert recipe for hubby for dinner and they will be having Chicken Carbonara for dinner which I prepare most of the recipe yesterday only thing left is making the homemade pasta today.

Duties for today:

Make homemade Pasta
Make Calzone and freeze for dinner this week
Clean bathrooms
Find a recipe for a great dessert and bake
Being making a list of supplies need for the business!!

I guess that is a start! I will catch up with you later.

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Brit-Man said...

My best guess as to what happened would be some kind of hormonal thing.

Possibly if you had been eating slightly lower amounts of some Vitamins, Minerals or Amino Acids, for a few preceeding days, that migh have created an internal environment, where your body wasn't responding to food in quite the same way as normal.

The main thing is, you took a sensible, considered approach to things, you didn't get panicky and start doing dramatic things to training or diet, and just started afresh, and have taken the reigns again, so that's a positive thing, and it will only serve to help you continue doing what's right and best for you physically.

Great response to a small slip-up, which shows good mental and emotional maturity with such things, so well done, good luck for the coming days, and just keep your chin up and keep pushing.

You're doing brilliantly, you're a real inspiration.

:-) :-).