Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Things to Try!

Started of my day with one of my favorites. Muesli, I just love this. I swear I could eat this every day. It is nice to make it the night before and it is already to go the next morning.
I found this in the store and I was very excited about giving this try. Tofu Shirataki Spaghetti. What a great alternative to spaghetti and it is only 20 calories for per serving.

On the back of the package was a recipe for soup. Nice quick and easy and was only 65 calories per serving. The noodles had a great texture and I would like to experiment with these. On the package it said it could be used as you would regular cooked noodles.

I had pick this up a last week and was eager to give this is a try. I had read about this some where and I when I saw it at Whole Foods I picked it up right away. It is called Seitan and it is made from wheat gluten. This particular one was Italian Sausage-Style Seitan. I found a recipe for Vegan Bologenese.

It was very good and the little crunch from the carrot and the celery in the sauce was a nice touch of texture. This is another product that I would like to do some more experimenting with.
It has been a great day of trying some new things and I love it! Had I not decided to try this new way of eating I would have never thought of trying some of these new and unusual foods. I can only imagine what other things I will find to try. Is there something new that you have tried lately that I might be interesting in trying? I would love to hear about them. This is what eating should be about at least that is how I feel.


Debi said...

Thanks for sharing your new "treats" - definitely going to try these!!!
Have a great weekend

Brit-Man said...

Hello Kathi.

My name's Matt and I happened to find you via Vanessas blog.

Firstly I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS, on the results you have managed to achieve physically.

Without sounding forward or out of place, I can see how beautiful the changes you have made are, and you should be so proud of yourself, and I think your attitude to things is awesome and your achievements are inspirational.

I know it must have been tough to go through the skin surgery, and make the decision, and you should be proud of talking about it. Some would find it hard :-).

If I hadn't read it myself, I would honestly have said by the pictures, you were about 38 / 39, not 44, and that is meant out of total respect for Lady, as it's quite clear how much you've done, to remain youthful and become stronger, healthier and enhance your femininity.

You're what I would call youthfully mature.

I think it's great that you didn't just settle for that. You wanted to do personal training, and a Chef business, and I really hope they work out for you.

I read you were asking about possible ways, to remove that last bit of negative mass.

I'm not trying to stick my nose in, but if you want, I've got a few suggestions, which maybe you could consider as a possibility.

This is based on self education though, just to be honest about that.

Usually, the average calorie intake for sedentary women should be about 1,800, though if I go on any forums, I often suggest a few more than that to allow for exercise.

In a situation like yours, I could suggest the following for a 1,200 a day diet.

You could bump daily calories up by 300 more, which on a 6 meal strategy is 50 more a meal.

There's 2 main ways I would suggest this.

1. 5g Protein, 5g Carbs, 1g Fat, 49 additional calories.

2. 5g Carbs, 3-4 g Fat, 47-56 calories approx, additional.

With number 2 you could change the Carbs for Protein, but normally I don't say that, if the person may already have adequate intake of protein, as it may possibly make someones protein intake too high, and increase risk of Kidney Stones, and also Gout, from the extra Nitrogen converting to Uric Acid.

If you did this, you would get the extra 300 a day, and then just maintain that for 1-2 weeks, to allow the metabolism to adjust, then do it again, with either of the two methods.

So you could increase to 1,500, then 1,800, then stop at around 2,100.

The fats would simply be from things like Flax, Peanuts, Omega Eggs, Nuts, Avocado, Seeds, Oils, Soy products, Soybeans, Tofu, Nattokinase, (Fermented Soy with a Bifidus culture added), Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Rice Milk, Fish etc.

Although it may be wise to limit Fish, to small portions every 2-3 days, due to the Mercury content and if you're worried about Peanut mould / Aflatoxins, Asian grown are more of an issue, because of dubious processing and storage methods, so western grown may be better.

The things like Flax, Omega Eggs, Soy etc, have the Omega 3, Alpha Linolenic Acid, that converts to EPA and DHA the Fish fats, though a bit of wasteage occurs. So there's no need to go crazy on Fish if it's not your thing.

Again, I'm not trying to stick my nose in, or speak out of turn. I just initially wanted to say that although I haven't been in your situation, I do respect and admire everything you have done immensely, and I really think you are a shining example of how someone can change a negative situation, that they have created, and I'll wish you much luck again in all you do.

If you want any more motiviation and support, I post often on a site called Shapefit, so if you ever feel like stopping by, then please do, but I won't mention it again. That's up to you, and I would respect whatever you decide.

I would however like to follow your journey when I can, if you would let me, but for now I wish you well and hope you are having a great day.

Take care, best wishes, and keep smiling. You're doing SUPERBLY!!!

:-) :-).

Kind regards


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

I love trying new things too! I made my own seitan once. It was baked and the recipe for it kinda made it taste like pepperoni which was awesome! Hmmmm... I'll have to dig that recipe out, now!

Btw, haven't "seen" you in a few days. All o.k.???? Just checking ;)