Monday, June 8, 2009

Cranberry and Walnut Barley with Honey

Good Morning! I feel like I have been away way to long and I apologize for that. Don't really have an excuse just have been trying to find out what I want to do with my life.
I made a big batch of Barley yesterday since it does take 45 minutes to cook. So I had a delicious bowl this morning. I just love great complex carbs!!

I have to make some calls today since I am need to get a sanitation card to be able to pursue my personal chef business so at nine I will give the health department a call and see what that entails. I also need to call on seeing if I need to apply for a business license. I am excited about this adventure and I hopeful it would turn out for the best.

I had a girl night out with some friends on Friday and brought over some Kale chips. I was a little nervous about doing this because I had no idea what the reaction was going to be. But I was pleasantly surprised how much they all enjoyed it. It made me so happy. Next time I make some I will make sure to post a picture. You have to try them they are really good.

Ever since I had attempted running a week or so ago my knee have been killing me. I mean really bad. It totally scared me and now I am hoping that I haven't done some major damage. I have not done any cardio since Thursday and to tell you the truth I am scared to attempt it. I have been icing and taking ibuprofen and hoping it will pass. I do think I will go to the gym and do some cardio on the elliptical today. I bad knee some time get more aggravated if I do keep the fluid moving threw the joint. So I am going to go over and do that this morning and maybe a short back work out. Trainer wasn't able to train me today.

My weight is still in my range but on the very high end so I need to get that back down to a more comfortable number for me. I have to admit I did get into the ice cream a few times this past week. But I am not beating myself up about it like I am going to go threw the rest of my life with out ice cream, I think not! I am still learning how to control the portions though. Practice makes perfect? :)

I am looking forward to a great week and I am hopeful this is going to be a great one. Husband has a group interview for a job on Thursday and I continue to pray that the perfect job for him will come soon. I can only imagine how difficult this must be for him. He is a great husband and father and it breaks my heart to see that a company doesn't see what I see. God will provide for us and I know good things will come our way just have to keep the faith.

I promise I will get back in to the swing of things and be more regular on posting because I do believe it helps me stay more foucused.

Matt: thank you so much for you comment and I would love to be able to talk to you further about what you had discussed. Please let me know how we can get in touch to chat.

Hope everyone has a great day!!


CathyC said...

I love your food-you are a good cook! Thanks for your nice comment on my pics!

Brit-Man said...

Hi Kathi.

One thing I would say about the knee is, you could potentially research into things like Glucosamine + Chondritin, or Hyaluronic Acid supplements as examples, or something like Chitosan. Things that help with Synovial fluid production, or joint protection.

Although if you have a Shellfish allergy, Chitosan would be an issue, owing to the Chitin, (shellfish derivative), and Glucosamine would be too.

Some supplements do interfere with some medications, so it might be a consideration were you at any point in the future, on any medications for anything.

If you're trying to test out the Knee at the Gym, I'd suggest something like a Recumbent or regular exercise Bike, just to test things. I say this as an Elliptical would be bearing bodyweight on your Knee, but a bike won't. If it can't take a Bike, you'll know it might be more than something RICEing can correct.

As for the start of your post, I would personally say out of politeness, I think you having a life of your own needs no apologies, and certainly I would feel rude to accept. Possibly I'm a little old fashioned in that respect, but I'm posting on your blog, so of course I will respect everything you post, because it's the right thing to do :-).

As for what you said at the bottom of your post, please feel free to contact me at

I regularly check my mail, so whatever you want to talk to me about, I'm more than happy for you contact me, if you want to.

Take care and best wishes to you and yours.

:-) :-).