Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beautiful Day

It is the perfect day today and has been a great one! I sat out this morning and part of the afternoon just enjoying the weather. It was nice to relax after a busy week. My son even came out and sat with me and we got a chance to just visit. It was SO nice! He is such a great kid and I am going to miss him So much when he heads off to college in August. But it also give me a great sense of pride that my husband and I have raised such a great young man. Oh I am going to get teary eyed just writing this.
Went over to a friends last night for dinner. It was a great time and I hope that we can do that stuff more often. It was three couples and we enjoye each others company and some good eats too. I brought over some food for everyone to try and everyone seems to truly enjoy everything I brought over. If I would have thought about it I would have taken some pictures. Note to self have to remember to do this next time. I ended up bring Kale chips, veggie tray with "Raw" beanless zucchini Hummus and a Fruit pizza. The hummus is one of my new all time favorites just love it with veggies for dipping.
Meet my first prospective client. We had a nice visit but was disappointed when she said she was going to think about it. But I did my best and that is all that I could do. If nothing it was a great learning experience and i think i am going to work on some sample menu plan to show new prospective clients. I just have to keep reminding myself I am learning and in time this is going to be great! I truly have an open mind. Since I don't have class anymore I need to sit and decided how I want to fill my week. I am hoping my husband is going to talk to our accountant about the business so I can begin moving forward. I am still terrified about this new adventure but I believe it is a risk worth taking.
In the food department, I am trying a new lasagna recipe on the boys tonight for dinner and also made them a Sm ore cake. I am always eager when trying new recipes to get their reactions and comments. Not sure what I will have tonight have been picking a little this afternoon and probably should have had lunch but I ended up eating veggies and the "Raw" hummus at 11:30 and then when I got hungry again in it was 3:00 wasn't sure if I wanted to have lunch and so I didn't. I first had Greek yogurt and fruit and then the picking began. I guess I should have just had a lunch. I guess I have learned for next time. I am thinking of having a bean burger that I have in the refrigerator with some sweet potato fries. Sounds like a great dinner. Not sure if i will have a dessert or snack later since I did some grazing earlier. But I feel good and I have been doing a great job on maintaining my weight and who doesn't love that?
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am hoping to get back to posting pictures of my eats this week.

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