Friday, June 12, 2009

Good times Roll!!

Yesterday I started off breakfast with my one of my favorites! Muesli! I know you are probably get so tired of me talking about it but I do really like it. Finished up the rest of the grocery shopping yesterday morning so all is well with food in the house. Note to self (Why did you buy the ice cream?)

I had some leftover black beans from the taco salad yesterday so I decided to make some bean burritos: black beans, avocado, salsa and cumin. They were OK I don't think I would die to have them again. Still it was a satisfying lunch.

Did my strength training today and 30 minutes of the bike. Pack this for a snack for after. I love soy nuts with a little raisins. I came home to make dinner for the boys. I decided to have them try Pork wrapped in bacon with sweet potato wedges for dinner. This is one of the meals that I froze the other day. They enjoyed the pork and my husband even said it was restaurant quality. Can you see my face gleaming? They are not sweet potato fans so he said they were good but not something he enjoys. (Note to self make sure to serve food that the clients enjoys, and not you!)

There was leftover kidney beans and crushed tomatoes in the refrigerator so I decided to make chili. This bowl is huge! and normally I would be stuffed after this but I was hungry for some reason. Not sure what that was about and I ate more food after that. I had sweet potatoes, nuts and of course: ice cream! I was disappointed that I tend to still have food binges like this but I will continue to work on it and I know at some point i will master this as well. While watching the Lakers game last night I had some hummus and celery. I tried a new recipe for hummus with no beans. It was interesting it was made from zucchini and sunflower seeds. If anyone get the cleaning eating magazine it was in the newest edition.
I also had one of the trainers at the gym come up to me and ask if I would talk to one of his vegetarian clients about diet. I was honored that he thought I was doing a good job with the diet to ask me to talk to her. So today I am going to come up with a hand out or something to help vegetarian lose weight. I am excited about the opportunity to share what I know and help others achieve their goals!!


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

All your eats look delish, Kathi! Glad to hear you're upbeat and postitive about all that you have going on! Awesome:)

Brit-Man said...

I am glad that things are working out for you, and hopefully that mail I send with the attachments made it through okay :-).

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).