Monday, June 1, 2009

Back in the Game!

Although I enjoyed all my wonderful eats during my son's graduation it was a day to get back in the game. So I had some leftover green chilies and black beans so I made up another breakfast burrito. Love this!
I had made some of Marissa Barbecue Bean Salad for the graduation and there was some leftover so I put it in a flatout and made a burrito with it. Still a little watermelon so I finished that off for a great filling lunch.

I had some pineapple slices in the refrigerator so I thought I would grill some up on the grill. They were topped with a little pecans and candied ginger. I nice refreshing little mid-afternoon snack.

Since I have been on a roll with using up stuff in the refrigerator and I wasn't plan on making any more food to stuff into the refrigerator I opted for this wonderful dish for dinner. Tempeh with broccoli slaw and whole wheat pasta. I just love this stuff. Tempeh is one of my favorite things now since starting this vegetarian lifestyle. MMMM!!
It feels really good getting right back in the game. Was is difficult? Hell yes but well worth the effort. I know we tend to kid about there is always tomorrow but it is so true. The one thing I have learned is the sooner you can get back in the game the better of you are. It was difficult and there was still plenty of cake left over and I would have loved to have had more today but I knew it would only take me further away from where I like being. Yesterday was the first time I actually felt and liked what I saw in the mirror and I do not want that to leave. It was nice to finally feel like I have arrived.
The scale is coming back down to a good range and I should be back to my "happy" weight in a few days. Although I don't like having a free for all with food like I did at graduation it is nice to know when I do I have what it takes to get back on my game very quickly and that is very comforting to me.
So next time you blow it out and say there is always tomorrow it is so true! Don't beat yourself up on what occurred but focus on get back on your game. That is always that truly matters in the end.
I attempted to do some running yesterday, bad idea. Although I had hopes that I would be able to run more often my knees are telling me other wise. So I must listen to my body. I didn't do any walking this morning but I will attempt to do the elliptical at the gym after my strength training session today and see how they feel. If they say no I will have to listen and take a rest and bounce back in when I can. I know if I stay true to my diet that is will be OK that I take a rest from the cardio.


Weight Watchers Chic said...

Step away from the cake...LOL Good job on getting back on track- I am glad you enjoyed your weekend though, it will all be fine with or with out the cardio! Thanks for the broccolli slaw/ whole wheat pasta idea- that sounds great!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Way to be back in the game, Kathi!

Yeah, you know that is my motto - there's always tomorrow!!!!

Heather said...

Where are you girl?