Saturday, February 28, 2009


Yes you have read it correctly! As of yesterday I am now drain free. But of course this not a go code for me to starting running around like I haven't had major surgery 10 days ago. None the less it feels so good not have to manipulate that thing around. It will be SO much easier to shower, go to the bathroom and just wear clothes with out having to worry about that thing. Although I wanted the drain out it does still worries me that it still continued to have drainage in it. My doctor attempted to explain it to me yesterday and I will attempt to explain it to you. Normally our skin is attach or adhered to what every is closest to it, fat. Well during surgery the fat was removed from the hip area (I told him to remove any fat he saw :) ) When the fat was removed it created a dead space or pocket and this is where the blood is collecting from the trauma of the surgery. The goal is to removed the dead pace and have the skin again adhere to what fat is remaining. So when I walk a lot this does not give the skin the opportunity to re adhere and this also the reason for the tight fitting compression garment. Unlike most surgeries where they want you up and walking immediately this surgery they want you to walk very little . This information I found quite interesting. I see the doctor again on Monday and I am hoping that there will not be too much fluid gathering in the hip area since the removal of the drain. If there is too much fluid he will have abstract it with a needle. He said it wasn't a big deal but he also isn't the one getting a big needle stuck into his hip!
I am really feel SO much better! Although I still have some tightness and a little hip pain when I attempt to sleep on my side I am doing GREAT!! It is so remarkable how the human body works to think just 10 short days ago I had major surgery. The scar is beginning to heal and now the wonderful itching is starting. The doctor gave us stuff that is to be painted on the scar that will help with the itching as well as help reduce the redness of the scar. Paul painted it on me last night and it was SO darn itchy when he was putting it on. But shortly after it did help a lot. That has to applied twice a day. Paul has been so great and little did he know by saying "I DO" all this stuff would come with it!
I also have the go code to drive which I am very excited about. So this morning I am going to run over to the gym and see all the girls I lift with on Saturday morning. I miss that place SO much and I look forward to being able to go back soon. I will attempt to do another video blog next week.
Thanks to all who have keep me in your thoughts and prayers it has meant the world to me.

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Roxanne said...

Congrats! I'm sure you're so excited to go to the gym and they'll be so glad to see you!