Friday, February 20, 2009

Post-Op Day 1

I am getting a chance to recap on how the first full day after surgery went. It was "hard' and painful. I wasn't prepared for that kind of day. Since my compression garment they gave me was soaked in blood we decided to change into another compression short I had bought so that one could be washed. I don't think it was quite as tight as the other and maybe that was why I was so uncomfortable yesterday. Mom got it washed and it looks pretty good. I got it back on later yesterday evening before heading to bed. The day was filled with sitting, sleeping, texting and taking drugs! The surgical center called to see how I was doing as well as the doctors office. I am schedule see the doctor today, Friday at 10:15. My trainer also gave me a call to see how I was doing, which meant a lot to me. So here I am starting post-op day 2. Already a better day I was able to get up to the bathroom myself this morning and I even made it down the stairs. But still need to remember to take it slow. Easier said then done for me sometimes.

Here is a couple of pictures of my wonderful drains. Sure hope atleast one of those will be removed today. Not the most flattering picture of me but it pretty much summoned up how shitty I was feeling.

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h2ogirl said...

Hang in there! Every day will get better. Remember....short term pain for a long term gain!