Thursday, February 19, 2009

Surgery Recap

Well thought i would take some time and update everyone on the surgery. Hopefully won't get in any trouble for posting my behind on my blog. But I thought people might find it interesting to know what was done to my body.
As you can see by the photos that a big section of skin was removed from behind. Of course there was some skin almost removed from the front but of course it would not be appropriate to post that.
We left our house about 5:30 to pouring down rain. I guess we can be thankful that it was not snow. We had no difficulty finding the surgical center and arrived about 6:20. I was checked in and couldn't wait to be called since I had to go to the bathroom SO bad. As soon as they called me and brought me back to my room I asked to use the bathroom. What a relief that was!! Of course I was asked all the typical question, last time you ate or drank anything, any medications I was on, birthday... etc. They brought my husband back and we waited for Dr. Gelman. He arrived and made the marking on my body that you see in the photos. He left and they came to get me. Put medicine in my iv, I kissed my husband good bye and that is all I remember. The surgery was 4 and half hours and I was back in recovery around 12:oo. The doctor talked to me but of course I do not remember any of that conversation. We check out and I arrived home about 2:30. The pain was under very good control but I did have a lot more bleeding that I expected. I ended up calling the doctor that evening regarding the bleeding. He indicated that he did remove fat from the hip area and this could be causing the bleeding. I was instructed to lie on the side the bleeding was coming from to provide more compression. That seem to help alot! Kim, a trainer from the gym, stopped by and brought my family dinner which was SO sweet of her. I appreciated it so much. So thankful mom has been here she has helped a lot with the dressing and emptying the drains. I am scheduled to see the doctor on Friday and hoping that at least one of the drains will be pulled. Will not be able to shower until all drains are removed. I will post a picture of the drains tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone who has been praying for me.


Debi said...

WOW girl -- that does look like a "lot" that was removed. Good for you for posting it! Cannot wait to hear how your appt goes!

h2ogirl said...

Glad your surgery went well! I was thinking of you and wondering how it went. Wishing you a speedy recovery and can't wait to hear your thoughts on your progress!

FrazierFamily-PressingOn said...

omg!!! This is so exciting!! I'm so glad you are doing well and I cannot believe you finally got it done!! you must be so happy!!! congratulations! I really look forward to your recovery process!