Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Week

It is one week from today that the surgery will take place. It is becoming very real now and at times I have a sense of panic and question. Is this the right thing to do? Should I wait until things are better financial in our home? But I reassure myself that all these feelings are real and that I should just enjoy the journey. I have returned to a very tight clean diet since Sunday and my body is responding quite well. Got to love that. I was 158 on Monday and I should be around 154 in the gym this morning. So I am just about back in line where I like my weight to be, 152. It will be great going into the surgery at a weight that I feel comfortable at. So my plan is to stick to this diet until Tuesday. Have a nice dinner out Tuesday night before surgery day. A last supper kind of thing! I will not be doing a cheat day on my usual Saturday so that might be a little tough but knowing I will have something special on Tuesday will help me get through. I only have four more training session with my trainer. I am going to enjoy every one since I will probably not be able to train for about 4 weeks. Its going to kill me! It is such a big part of my life now. Weird some times to think that way because it wasn't just a few short years ago that it wasn't. How life can change.
I was still hoping to do a small video blog and my afternoon is free today so maybe I will attempt to do that. Just thought it would be something fun.

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