Thursday, February 5, 2009

The day is drawing near!

It is only 12 days away from the surgery. Got a call from the surgical center to my health history and last minute things to remember, i.e. no food or drink after midnight, no jewelery, what time to arrive at the surgical center (6:30am). It made it more real yesterday getting that phone call. Talked to my mom yesterday and finalize her plans for coming to stay with us. She will be here a week and I am looking forward to having her here with me. I also sat down yesterday and made a list of menus for the next 3 and half weeks. I have the grocery list written out so I just have to get that done. Made an extra batch of calzones and put them in the freezer last night so that is one meal ready to go. Plan on making lasagna this weekend so make two so I can freeze one of those too. Hopefully that will happen since the oven just stop working yesterday. SIGH.... Not something we need to happen right now. Paul said he will take a look at it and hopefully it is something he can fix.
Feeling pretty goood with my weight these days. After the melt down I had with Dick this past weekend I have been able to get the diet back in control. I am sitting around 151 at the gym and 147 at home. I would love to stay right around this weight going into the surgery on the 18th but that will take work and dedication. At the moment I have it but we all know how that call all of a sudden disappear.
May attempt to do a video blog. So watch for that coming soon.