Sunday, March 1, 2009

Visit to the Gym!

It was great to be among the sweat and people pumping iron yesterday at the gym. But I wasn't quite prepared on how it would affect me later. It was great seeing everyone again but yet things just didn't quite feel the same. It was difficult sitting watching the girls do a great leg work out yesterday and not to be able to participate. I know, I know I will be back there before I know it but it doesn't make it easy right now.
I also wasn't quite prepared how much that would drain me. I came home to eat my chicken salad and proceeded to eat anything and everything in sight. And of course with that came every emotion in the book. I talked to my dear friend Gale and she began to help me get a grip on things. Things are not the same right now and you can't expect to eat like you did before the surgery. Your body is healing itself. SIGH.... Yes I do know all this is true but how do I truly be at peace with that right now? Maybe that means staying off the scale and attempting to focus on whole good food for my body.
So I wake up this morning focusing on providing my body with what it needs right now and when the time is right I will get back the body and the eating that I had before the surgery. And as far as the body goes it will look even better than before you can count on that!!
A big hug and a thank you , thank you goes out to Gale!! She has been my rock on this food battle I have each and every day and with out her I don't know where I would be. Love you Gale!!
The sun is shining and it looks like its going to be a beautiful day. When the boys get up and eat breakfast we will head out to help my brother with his last bit of heavy things to move into his new home. I will be sitting on the side lines bossing everyone around.


Linda said...

glad to hear that you continue to heal. yes, stay off that scale! it's only a small indicator of your total health and fitness...look at your amazing muscles!

gale said...

You go girl! I'm behind you all the way!