Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Night on the town!

Although it is a rarity that we go out on the town I felt like it was a much needed one for us with all the stuff that seems to be bogging us down from just having a good time. Kim, a trainer at the club, set up a night on the town. We meet at her house around 6:30 and a limo picked us up at 7:00 and we headed downtown Chicago to a Brazilian restaurant. I had never been to one and it was a perfect place for a bunch of people that eat a mostly protein diet. They just came around with all kind of meet on skewer and slice them for you. There was lamb, fillet, chicken, sausage, flank steak, Brazilian steak, etc. All I can say thank goodness for a cheat night. We topped it off with a nice dessert, a piece of caramel cheese cake that Paul and I shared. We then headed over to a dance club. Although it was much to load for us old folk it was an interesting site to see. We took the limo back about 12:30 and were home around 2:00 am. It was a great time and I thought it was just what the doctor ordered.
Of course the scale showed the indulgence I had last night I know that I have the tools to take it off in a short period of time. I am back on track and have decided to keep it solid on the diet until the surgery. So it will be a solid diet run of 10 days no cheats. I am looking forward to the challenge and feel good about going into the surgery health and at great weight.
Todays plan will be to finish up the cooking. I am just about finish making all the meal for the next three weeks. This way there will be meals plan and ready to go while Iam recouping from the surgery. It goes well I may just do it on a regular basis. Although the prep time is long the rewards out way that. Knowing that I have a months worth of meal in the freezer would be wonderful. Well off to finish the cooking.

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