Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Trainer

This is a picture of my trainer and myself taken at the gym yesterday. He is also my boss! He is an important person in my life and someone that has pushed me and inspired me to be my best. He has been my friend and my enemy at times! But I know that he cares about me and wants the very best for me. I find it interesting that I still have difficult seeing myself has a fit person. I am so glad that this picture was taken and that I can see what an amazing job I have truly done with my body. And after the surgery it will only get better! It is so very exciting.

It truly has been and amazing journey. I began training with him almost a year ago. I believe it was February 21st. Little did I know at the time that by meeting him that my life would change. Not only did he help me create this great body but also gave me the opportunity to be a trainer at his club. A job that has been such a blessing to me. How odd the people that come into your life that make such and impact. To those who think they are to old to change their body I say don't under estimate what you can do. Did I know a year ago that I would have this kind of body. Who knew with dedication and committment to a clean yet challenging diet and work out routine that this would be possible. I say challenge yourself and see what you can do!! I think you will be amazed.

Now I am on to yet another journey, the surgery! Although I am not looking forward to the downtime and not being in the gym, I am SO interested to yet what kind of change I can make to my body. I thank my husband for standing by my side. I know this has not been easy for him and sometimes he has difficutly understand why I want to do this yet he has been there for me and I love him for it!

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h2ogirl said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'll say a little prayer for rapid healing.