Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It's about 5:00 am the day of my surgery. I am up and showered and just dried my hair. I will straighten it and then wake Paul up about 5:15. Didn't have a deep sleep last night in anticipation for today. But I am sure I will be doing quite a bit of sleeping today. I can hardly believe that the day is here!! I have been waiting SO long for this day. I have the camera charged and ready to go.
Haven't had anything to drink or eat since yesterday around 9:00 pm. So I am attempting not to go pee so that I will be able to give a urine sample when we arrive. All I need is to be sitting there with "nothing" to give. Interesting how you are just accustom to going to the bathroom as soon as you get up. Since I have been become so lean my body has decided that I no longer need to have a menstrual cycle, hence the need to pee this morning to make sure I'm not pregnant. No I am not that either since with the loss of the cycle the loss of any kind of sex drive. I'm poor husband he has been such a trooper through all this.
Off to do my hair, thought I would do that since I won't be able to shower until the drain are removed from my body and depending how well I do (i.e. rest and not do too much, which is a difficult thing for me to do) I am hoping to have them out in a few days.
Talk to everyone soon!! Love everybody!

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