Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Ringing in the New Year will bring opportunity to start fresh and start over. I am excited about a new year and eager to see what it will hold both for myself and my family.
Although 2008 was not one of our better years we have SO much to be grateful for. In times of struggle I attempt to focus on all the good. We are all healthy, we have a home, good friends and family. Paul had yet to find a job and that does weigh heavy on our minds but I must continue to stay positive and know that God will provided and things will work out. I continue to enjoy my clients and am eager to see what other people with cross my path this year. What opportunities I will have to share my story and experiences with others to help them find their way to health and happiness.
Recently I sat with another trainer and the gym and we set some goals for 09. These are not things to beat myself up over that I have not yet achieved but to help me focus on what it is I really want in my life and things I can work on. Do you have your list?
So far mine is as follows:

Scheduled to have my surgery
this will be removal of the excess skin I carry on my buttock and thighs
- I have had the talk with Paul which was difficult but he will support me in this journey
although he doesn't understand it and has some reservation about the financial impact
it will have on our family.
- I have already talked with a surgeon, my boss at the gym and most of my clients. I
am waiting to talk to former patients who have had the surgery and then will set a date

ACSM certification
- I have put this off way to long and I want to commit to getting this certification this year
- I am going to look in to see if they have a review course that will be coming to my
area. I will sign up for it take the course and then take the exam.

Personal Chef
- This is something I have been wanting to do for a VERY long time.
- I have already talked to Tina about it and emailed her some question and waiting to her
from her. (she just had surgery so not sure when I will hear from her)
- I will start putting $20 a week in an envelope to begin saving for the course ($600)

Client Base
- I will increase the amount of client I have at the gym
- I will look into areas that I can find potential clients
- health fairs
- bridal fairs
- Continue to spread the word and work hard with my current client to help them reach
their goals so that they will spread the word.

Maintain my weight
- I have finally found a range I believe I will be happy with. 145-150
- I will take the next 49 days to get into my range
- I will seek the support of others to help me achieve my goal
- I have a written plan that I will follow to help me achieve my goal

These are just a few of my current things I am working on. It helps to have it on paper and a plan on how you are going to make it happen. Do you care to join me?

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