Sunday, January 4, 2009

14 day Challenge Begins!

Thought I would take time to do an update on what has been going on since the 1st and what I have been doing to work on my goals.
I talked to a girl that hard a surgery by the surgeon I have chosen. She was pleased with his work and will be having another surgery by him in February a week before when I plan to have mine. I scheduled another meeting with the surgeon for Friday so Paul should meet him and I could have a few last minute questions answered. I will plan on having the surgery on Feb 18th. It scary to write it but I know that I will not be disappointed with my decision.
ACSM certification:
I went online and found that they have work shop coming to Illinois in Jan, April and July. I was hoping to do the one in January but with all the things happening with Steve I thought it would be best to wait until April. So I feel good about that.
Personal Chef:
Well I haven't done much with this so I have to put that at the top the next few days. My plan will to start an envelope for the money to save and put some money in it. I have a 100 I got from my mom for Xmas so I think I will put all of it in the envelope. That will feel good to have a 100 toward the 600 I need. I would like to talk to Tina again and may shoot her another email. I know she just recently got home from the hospital from her surgery so give it another week.
Client Base:
I recently have the opportunity to get a new client this past week from a referral from Mr. Sims so I am excited about helping her reach her fitness and weight loss goals. I also posted on Sparkpeople a Illinois Group I am a part of and introduced myself and put it out that I was personal training and was available to help people with their fitness goals so I will see if that goes any where. This is another area I need to work on..
Maintaining my weight:
I over heard Dick talking to Tristann about taking a 14 day run with the diet I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me to make a commitment to myself to be a part of it. So I text ed dick and said I wanted to be a part of it. I knew once I made the commitment there was no way of going back. So I am in for the next 14 days. I have really been doing the tight diet now for 4 days but I figure if I did the 14 days that will bring up to the weekend we go to Missouri. So I text ed Dick with my plan for eating and we tweak it a little and I am all set to go. The weight has really responded since I started on Wednesday. I was at about 155 at home and 158 at the gym. I was at 148.5 today at home and will weigh in at the gym today. I am wanting to be at a good weight going into the surgery next month so as much skin as possible can be removed.
How are you doing with your goals for 2009!! Lets make it happen in 09

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