Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I haven't had a chance to sit and post about our visit to Truman State University. As you can see I was not able to get any pictures since the visit was busy from the moment we got there until the day we left.
We arrive in Kirksville at about 10:30, it took us about 5 and half hours to get there. So we were up and out of the house at 5:15. We checked into the hotel and were greeted by coaches and "Purple Pride" girls. In arriving in our room there was a jersey and a helmet on the bed to greet Steve to Truman State. I was able to take a picture of that but haven't had a chance to download it yet. We then drove over to the University and had lunch and a tour of the campus. We are able to meet a professor and have question answered about the academics. After that we had the opportunity to meet a panel of football players and had an opportunity to ask them any question with out coaches present. Of course, the boys play shy but the mothers had no problem asking many question (myself included). We then had dinner on the campus and watched some highlight film of the past football season. After that Steve went of with a player host while the parents went to a local tavern to socialize and get to know the coaches better. We arrive back at the hotel around 11:00 and Steve came in about 12:00. We then got up early Sunday morning (7:00) to have breakfast with a local resident that talk and answered any question we had about Kirskville. At that point the head coach sat down with us and proposed and offer to Steve. They offered in a $6,000 scholarship. We then packed up and headed home. It seem like a long drive home and we were all very tired from a long weekend. Steve didn't say to much on the way home but seems to enjoy the visit. He had another visit schedule to University of Indy on Monday which he did attend. He came back from that visit knowing that Truman was the school for him. He called the Head Coach last night, January 20th and excepted the offer. We can now say we are official Truman State University Bulldog Fans!! We are looking forward to watch to Steve grow in a college football player but most of all a great young man.

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