Friday, November 28, 2008

New Day

I have been to many others blogs and felt like it was time for my own. My reasons are many but the main one is to help me to express the things that I am feeling out in the open. I tend to shove them deep inside of me which as not served me well in the past. Here is to a new day!!

Well the past few days have been not so good in the eating department but it is a new day and I am starting fresh. I will not focus on what has happened but to focus on is to be. We are blessed with a new day to start fresh and to start over and that is my wish for myself today.

It is all quiet here at the moment and I am enjoying it. I have a client session at 1:30 and I will then do a heavy dose of cardio to follow. I will fall back on my diet plan that has work well for me and I currently plan on sticking to that for five days or once the weight is down in the range that I feel comfortable at. I know I have the tools and the determination to do it. I tend to like to make all kinds of drama around it when it isn't necessary. Did you make some bad choices? yes, It the end of the world? No Do you have the tools to do something about it? Yes and the best part it won't take long to return to your comfort zone. Day one begins

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