Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tomorrow I start TFF

The day has "finally" arrived. I have been anxiously awaiting to begin this new journey with TFF. I have talked to Kim a couple of time and I have my plan all printed out and ready to begin.
I had to get on the scale this morning to get my official start weight. I have to be honest and I was not looking forward to it and was not really happy with what I saw. But I am ready to move beyond it and get moving. I must also continue to remind mind myself that I taking a different approach now. I am "building" and that is very excited and that is truly what I wanted. So with that comes a different mind set. It will be nice not weighing every day and just focusing on my plan .
We went to the grocery store yesterday and I have everything ready. Once hubby gets up I will have him measure me and then I wait until tomorrow morning. I will start the workout program today and will head to the gym about 11:00 to do my first session of HIIT. Although I know it won't be a ton of fun but I will continue to remind myself that it is only for 30 minutes.
I look forward to sharing this new journey with you. I have also been told that my former trainer was unable to take any responsibility for me leaving and blamed it all on that fact that I have low self esteem. This gave me more determination than ever to prove him wrong. I want to go in the gym in three month looking better than ever. It is now my mission.
I applied for a job on Craig's list the other day and got a email response. I am hoping to talk to the women today. It would be so nice to find something. Although it is only part time and the pay isn't the best at this point it is better than nothing. I will keep you posted on that as well.
See you tomorrow with an update on how Day 1 is going.


Brit-Man said...


:-) :-).


CathyC said...

You are determined so rock it!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Low self-esteem? What does that have to do with anything jerk? Ugh...

Nancyb. said...

DAY 1 today!! You are going to rock it. Stay strong girl :) HUGS