Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ready To Go!!

Have had a busy day and this afternoon I began prepping everything for our trip tomorrow. I have my three gallons of distilled water, six protein shakes, two serving of my oatmeal that is combine with 1 egg and three whites, fish for tomorrow night, chicken for the rest of the meals, ranch dressing and lettuce. I know that if you don't prepare to succeed you will fail. So I feel really good about it.
This times seems different to me I feel like my head is in the right place. It will be nice to know that when we return on Friday that I will be coming to the close of my third weeks. I have one more week and I have stuck it for a month! That is SO rewarding for me. After this week I will be a quarter of the way through this journey. I often have to look at things that way to help motivated me to continue going as well as letting myself realize how far I have come. So far so good.
Had a great training session and my trainer is thrilled with my progress. I was able to do 100 pound lat pull down with assistance today as well as seated dumbell curl and hammer curl using 20 pounds weight. I can begin to see the hard working paying off and it feels SO good.
I will blog on Friday or Saturday when I return. Hope everyone has a great week..

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Linda said...

congrats on your accomplishments! so great!
Good planning. I'm going to pick up some of those shakes. I'm traveling for business in a few weeks and that would be a perfect!