Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 16

Here we are the beginning of a new week. I am now starting my third week on my new eating plan and am holding the line quite well. I had my official weigh in at the gym and I weighed in at 150.2. So I have lost 2.2 pounds last week. I am still ahead of the 1.5 pounds that I had set up for myself. Had a great chest, shoulder and triceps work out today. My trainer says I am getting my strength back and is pleased with how I am doing.
My husband and I are planning to head to Michigan on Wednesday and will return home on Friday. So I plan on bring all my own food for this trip. Tomorrow I will cook up my fish and make sure I have enough chicken cook, if not, I will cook up some more chicken. I cut up lettuce yesterday and will have see if I have enough for the trip. I will also cook up my oatmeal and put that in containers so all I have to do is reheat. I have done this before and it makes things go so much smoother for me. My parents have come to accept this so it help make this SO much easier for me. I continue to take small step to help me get through the next 10 weeks. I have something to prove myself and that is why I am doing it. I want to prove that I do have the discipline to do this for 12 weeks. I have made attempt before but have always had some cheat and fallen off track. I want this time to be different and stick it out solid the whole time.
It truly is all in our minds. I continue fill myself with positive thought and remind myself daily and some times hourly why I am doing this and that I CAN do it!
Thank to everyone for your encouraging words it truly has help me keep everything going.


CathyC said...

Hi Kathie,
I know exactly how you feel-me too I want to prove it to myself, I just want to get it done and it is a mindset as you said! You are doing great with the weight loss!

Brit-Man said...

You ARE doing really, really well with the whole process. You CAN be very proud of yourself, and I know you WILL do and be everything you're meant to do.

You continue to remain a truly inspiring Lady, and you continue to humble me, and solicit the very best thoughts and belief in you.

I am extremely confident, you can make what you want happen, and I wish you so much GOOD LUCK, as you continue to push towards the final part, of a long and rewarding journey for you.

You are definitely some kind of flower, that will only continue to blossom more and more, and add colour to the lives of those, that want to associate themselves with you.

As you continue on your journey, you go with my full support, and my deepest respect and admiration for you.

Thisd is a chance to end up feeling as special as you want to feel. I don't think you will let this chance slip away at all, as I really believe you are too good for that.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).