Monday, August 31, 2009

Day One

It was both exciting and frustrating today. I am feel much more in control when I have a plan and for that I am grateful. The exercise routine is going to take me some time. I have always had some one beside me to supervise so not having that is a little frustrating. I second guess if I am doing it correctly, is it enough weight, should I have gone heavier. I need to continue to remind myself that it isn't going to go perfectly the first time I am going to have to learn my body. I believe that will be very empowering for me. I just have to be patient.
Of course at the new gym they want to sell me on a personal trainer. I tried to say politely that I don't think I am ready to jump into that right now. Which is SO true. This is one of the reasons I went with TFF. I trust Kim.
The diet has gone well it has been weird having apples, rice again. Believe me I am not complaining one bit.
I am hoping to really get in touch with my body. How I am feeling energy, strength. I have SO much to learn and I think this will be a great opportunity for me to do that. Now I just need to be strong in my decision and move forward.
I have day one behind me. I have one meal left and then day one is complete.
I can do this!!


Robert said...

Keep up the good work!
Looking forward to you checking out my blog and leaving a comment as well.

Brit-Man said...

You're going ot be fine Kathi. Keep believing in yourslef, and don't worry yeah.

You're AMAZING!!!!

:-) :-).


CathyC said...

Hi Kathi,I too am trying a new food plan, I will be having less carbs in the next 2 weeks to start some fat burning action? What do you think?

Kristin Pizzi said...

Hi Kathi,
I posted the nutritional facts for you!

Hope you enjoy :)