Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good Morning! I am going to do a recap of yesterday eats. I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast yesterday but I cook up a oatmeal banana pancake and topped it with PB2, blueberries and agave nectar. I just love those pancakes. I trained yesterday at 10:30 and I had cooked these little muffins yesterday and ate them before my work out today. The recipe called to make them into big muffins but I thought I would try them as minis. They were really good but I don't think I cooked them quite long enough. I got this from Kristin blog. She has some great recipe and I am excited about trying more.

I had a pretty good work out and was worried that it would be tense between my trainer and I since this is my last week. I tried to keep the conversation general and move forward the best I could. Had a pretty good work out and I did an intense HIIT on the treadmill after my training session. On the way home I stopped by the new gym and signed up. It is going to be so nice having the gym right down the street. I think I will be using that for all my cardio this week.

I had some left over mousse from yesterday so I topped it with some fruit and had that for a mid afternoon snack. Hubby and I worked on converting my daughter room into a guess room/office. We moved the bed up from the basement and the desk. The desk is so HEAVY and we both were huffing and puffing. Next is to get the computer up there and everything set up. Sure will be nice when it is finished. I became VERY hungry before dinner and I usually wait until 7:00 to eat. I tried to hold out but I just couldn't make it. I had some mindless eating and I was pretty disappointed about it. Today I am trying to reflex on it and figure out how I could have done it better and maybe I need more food after my hard work out today. It is this stuff I am looking forward to working with Kim with.
At first I wanted to skip dinner all together but I knew that was not the best way to handle the situation. So I ate my planned dinner, red beans and rice and the rest of the Kale salad. I finished up my gallon of water for the day and was happy that I finished the day on a good note.
I trained today at 12:30 and not sure what else I will have in store for today. Tomorrow I will head over to the new gym and do my first cardio session over there. I am eager to check out all the "new" cardio equipment. Only 6 more day until I start with Kim and start on the new journey. I am really looking forward to the opportunity.


Brit-Man said...

I'm looking forward to see you progress.

I have high hopes for you, and plenty of belief.

Take care, best wishes and good luck.

:-) :-).


Nancyb. said...

You are going to make great strides I can feel it :)

Linda said...

you are in good hands with Kim!