Sunday, August 23, 2009

It will get easier?

Well here is my dinner last night. I am excited about being back into some "normal" clean eating. When we returned back from Kirksville I had a lot of emotional eating going on, which I felt terrible about. I finally gave in and took a two hour nap and got up feeling better and ready to regroup. I cooked up some Dijon Crusted Tilipia with whole wheat couscous and broccoli a great meal and very satisfying. There was no need to have anything else last night.
It was so wonderful seeing my son again at his scrimmage at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. He is number 73 in the photo. He looks great and seems to be adjusting to college life quite well. I thought it would be easy seeming him and saying good bye but I was mistaken. Although I know this is a great place for him I guess part of me, being a mom, missed him needing me. I guess I can't expect to just stop wanting to do that when I have been doing it for him for eighteen years. Hopefully time will help.
I am going to attempt to start taking photos of my food again. But I just have to remember to do it. I had my delicious oat meal porridge this morning. I just love this stuff. I added a little banana to it this morning. YUMMY! I already know what I am having for lunch and I will make sure that I take pictures of it. I also will be taking some picture of myself. I have a new online trainer that I will be working with and she wants to see what she is looking at as far as my current physique. I will post those as well.
I found a new gym that I will be working out at and I am excited! Things are good and I am ready to start moving forward. Last training session with my current trainer will be the 29th and then I am ready to get going. Will start with my new online trainer, Kim, on the 31st.

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Brit-Man said...

No matter what hapepns, you have been everything to your Son. He will never stop caring, and never stop wanting you in his life, because I don't think you have ever been a bad mother or a moment.

As I said recently, you CAN do what is necessary to further your own goals. So don't worry yeah, because you are a brilliant Lady.

:-) :-).